What is the Debit Card Program?
A payment method.

Why a Debit Card?
The costs for paying you on a debit card are less than paper check plus we don’t like to waste trees.

How can I use my money?
You can spend your money from the card at any place that accepts, Visa. Or you can cash out the money at your ATM or Bank.

How much do I have to earn before I can be paid out?
We will load your money as you earn it so there is no minimum.

Do I have to get paid on the debit card?
No, you will still have the option for paper check. However, there is a minimum earning of $100 before payout via paper method.

Are there any other fees, that I’ll be responsible for?
Only if you bank charges you a fee for withdrawing your money. When spending as a card you will not be charged any fees.

I live outside the United States can I still utilize the debit card?
Yes, although the issuing bank is in the United States you will be able to spend your money on your card where Visa is accepted. You can also cash your money out at your local bank (additional money exchanges fee’s may be applicable).