Active Pitching of Your Music

We have staff, sales agents, and a robot that doesn’t sleep pitching your music 24 hours a day.
(For Films/TV/Advertising)

Month-To-Month Agreement

Just give us 30 days notice and understand that any pitches, placements or licenses begun during our agreement will still be honored.
(You can cancel our contract anytime)

Non-Exclusive Contract

You can pitch your music directly and have as many other companies pitching your music.
(You own and control all of your music and rights)

You Keep 100% of Your Royalties

All of your broadcast royalties are paid to your performing rights society and they will pay you directly. (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, PRS, GEMMA etc...)
(We don’t claim any publishing or register music in our name)

We Only Make Money When You Do

We split the the upfront licensing fees evenly and all of the backend royalty payments are yours.
(We split the upfront licensing revenue)

BONUS: Possible Social Media Support

We are always promoting bands & songs we have pitched and placed on social media.
Whenever possible we will also try to draw attention to your new releases and other news.

& Music Included in WeGet Music.

Get exclusive access to our new streaming service before anyone else that will pay on average 5 1⁄2 times more than other sites.


Sync Tips

We have a direct contact and some will have a very short turnaround, and some may have enough time for you to create something new.
(Tips about music needed for Film/TV/Ad projects)

Pro Playlist

Private playlist of songs that have been licensed over the last few months so you can spot the trends.
(Tracks getting licensed so you can hear what is hot)

Priority Song Approval

All Pro-Member songs will be approved first so that they can be included in time sensitive pitches.
(Your music is approved first)

Monthly Company Conference Call

Join our monthly sales call and hear what types of projects we are pitching for and the kind of music they are looking for.
(Hear directly from the people pitching your music!)

Money Back Guarantee

Try the Pro-Account for 6 months and if you don’t like it for any reason, we will refund 100% of your subscription fee.
(6-month money back guarantee)

BONUS: Free Conferences & Classes

Free access to music business panels, workshops and conferences.

plus Free WeGet Music Beta Account

Get exclusive access to our new streaming service before anyone else that will pay on average 5 1⁄2 times more than other sites.

* No matter which account you choose the best songs get pitched, period!None of our sales teams, agents, even the robot can’t tell the difference between a track from someone with the Free-Account or the Pro-Account.