Bandsintown isn’t perfect. Namely, the platform has some issues to work out when it comes to mobile viewing. Nevertheless, 15 million fans have signed up on the platform, a huge number. Bandsintown has added some features for touring artists that take advantage of all this data.

These features are available to artists being tracked by at least 100 fans…

The platform has added a worldwide map that shows artists where their fans are located.

The map will also show the location of fans of similar artists. When tour dates are added they will show up on the map, and fans who have RSVP’d to tour dates will be displayed.

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In addition, Bandsintown now displays artists’ top 100 cities, based on fans’ location. There’s also a chart that shows artists how many people are tracking them over time.

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Lastly, Bandsintown has added an RSVP chart that shows artists how many fans are attending or are interested in attending tour dates.

written by Nina Ulloa for Digital Music News

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