How do you “breakdown” a film/TV script for music? It’s usually the job of the music supervisor but you may be asked to do this if you’re working with an indie filmmaker who has asked you for songs and/or score music.

Breaking down a script means reading it and hearing a mock score and songs in your imagination.

* Where would there be a song playing? Where score?

* Mark the spots you hear in the script margin (if not already noted in the script).

* Where are the obvious scoring cues? Dramatic, romantic, sad, action etc.

*Are there any “famous songs” written into the script – either covers or famous recordings that have to be cleared in advance? Or should it be replaced — most likely for a low budget film.

* What scenes could use good indie songs as background or featured songs? This is much more affordable.

* Are there any Pre-Records needed for on-camera music scenes? That music would have to be cleared ahead of the shoot, before production starts. Who is going to record it if the actors have to “lip sync” to it? Or will it be performed on camera as part of the scene, and so the sound on set is your “master?”