Contract Agency Agreement FAQ


Can I use my own name or do you need a company name?
You can use your name or your legal business name but make sure you have a bank account where you can cash the check.

What if I have co-writers or co-owners of my tracks?
You must own/control the rights, so it up to you to obtain permission from them.

If I am non-exclusive with you, can I sign up for other placement companies at the same time?
Yes. However, if you sign an exclusive deal, (Recording or Publishing) please notify us so we can remove your music.

What is you Radio in Retail program?
Licensing of your music directly for in-store radio play. Only ASCAP/BMI/SESAC members or those belonging to no performing rights organizations will be able to be in this program.

Does this agreement mean you represent all my music?
We only represent what you upload at the website. (Remember we believe in Freedom and Control)

What does it mean, licenses may be granted in perpetuity? Doesn’t that mean forever?
This refers to your song in the scene of a film or TV show. They typically remain in those shows forever. You retain all rights to your music and can license it again in other productions. Ads, Internet, Corporate and other limited uses may have a shorter term.

Can you check with me first before agreeing to a license fee?
No, our agreement gives us sole discretion to set upfront fees. (but the more you make the more we make so we get the most we can our every placement or deal.

Do you get a split my BMI or ASCAP money too?
No we do not take any backend royalties, and we do not re-title songs to re-register with PRO’s… You keep 100% ownership and 100% of the broadcast performance royalties. (backend)

What is the “debit card program.”
Coming soon, it enables us to direct deposit into a special debit card account. The card will give you additional benefits, such as discounts with music gear companies etc…

What does it mean that I authorize you to collect from Sound Exchange?
We found out they owe about $100,000 to artists in our system so we thought we help you collect your money.

Do I have to be owed 100 dollars or more before you pay?
Yes to receive a check. With the debit card you will be paid every quarter.

Whey can’t I contact the licensees directly – does this mean I cannot get to know music supervisors personally?
If you meet industry in the course of your business or at industry events, that is your right. We are referring to directly contacting them based on a placement or license we are attempting to secure or have secured.

So if I notify you I want to end my agreement will you remove all my music in 30 days?
Yes, however if a track is in the process of being considered in a project folder, then that song may not be removed until it is licensed or there is no more interest. We can also put your account on hold and the reactive it at a later date.