Download Licensing FAQ

Do you put my music in iTunes, Amazon etc….?
No we will only license your music to digital services that offer better terms and better tracking. This deal as with all of our services is non-exclusive so you can have your music with all the other download services and even have links directly to your profile in those sites.

What makes your download site different than iTunes?
Ultimately we are not even doing the same thing our site is about independent music discovery. They are just there to supply the most famous music where someone else has marketed them and created all the demand. We are music people not VC or programmers. Plus we can deliver 16bit 44.1 .wav files aka (CD quality audio) over the internet.

How are the payments different than iTunes?
1) Apple takes 30% and will NOT give anyone with less than 25 albums a direct deal so most independent artists must go through someone else to get on iTunes losing even more money. A good Apple deal has artists paying 40% for a download

You have a direct deal so there is no middleman and we only take 20%  

Don’t I need to have my music in iTunes in order to be found by the public?
Their service does not promote independent artists most likely doesn’t even have you in a basic search engine. (Rock, Country etc…) Only major label artists are on the front page and in their promotions. (if you are U2 it’s a great service)