1) The modern synch license is a fairly standard with various terms that can be used… the best license is the all-in deal.

What are the basic elements of a music license?
* License term – days, weeks, months, years, perpetuity (forever).
* Territory – from local to worldwide.
* Rights – Theatrical, Basic and premium cable TV, Network TV, Trailers, Commercials, Video on Demand, DVD, Internet. Games, Apps, other uses.

2) What is an all-in license? What is in-context or out-of-context use?

It is common now for licenses for independent unknown music for a film/tv license to be all-in which includes all rights. Many draw the line for Out of Context use – they can’t take the song off the picture it is “synched” to and put in in a trailer or ad. That would be a separate use.