We Get Music Licensed

For Digital Downloads Direct To Fans


We Get Your Music Found

Using our state of the art music search engine and by only having indie artists

We Get Your Music Heard

By creating music playlists & by playing artists on our own radio station

We Get You Paid More

Most Indie artists are lucky to get 60% from a download service we pay 80%

We Get You Quality

Your music can be download as high quality mp3’s or 44,1 16 bit .wav files

We Get You New Fans

You can link to your social media, web sites & even other download services

We Get You Information

You can receive an email every time a track is sold and where the fan lives


Our direct to fans platform called Weget Music is all about music discovery. Any way we can think of to search for music is in there. (If you can think of a new way tell us and we’ll add it) Everyone can find new music just by playing with the advanced search. If you want you can even search for all the songs that just have love in the lyrics. (19,880 at last count) What’s not to love about that?


Fans and industry executives can see your face, read your story, and hear your music all from one page. They can also go to any of the links to pages and places you want them to go, from your web site to all the social media platforms you are on. You can be liked, followed, shared, subscribed to and tweeted about. Each artist has their own link directly to their profile page where their music can be licensed, sold and downloaded. No made up rankings or advertising to distract anyone from whats important… your music.


We believe that you can’t really sell music only present it and then great music will sell itself. However in order for any music to sell it must get heard and thats what we do. Wether you are a film composer, artist or sound designer we create playlists that feature tracks in the platform so that your work can be heard with one click. We have playlists for holidays, weddings, epic score moments and sad ones as well. This is not a place where tracks goes to die or get buried, it’s where music gets heard and artists can be discovered, heard, licensed and downloaded.


Weget Radio is our own radio station programmed by real radio people and as we grow we will add more stations and styles. The goal is like any radio station to play great music that people want. The only difference is that our station only plays independent artists like you.


Not only will you know how many times your song was downloaded but you will know the area of the world where your fans live so you can make sure and book a show there. We have plans to get you even more information about what kind of people like your music. In the end we want you to have proof to show potential sponsors, brands and even your drummer, who your fans are and where they live.

Marketing Help, Keep More Money, Learn About Your Fans