The following is another Digital Music News exclusive.  Once again, you read it here first.

On Tuesday, sources to Digital Music News pointed to a per-stream royalty rate of $0.002, or 1/5th of a penny, on Apple’s free trial period.  Now, we have absolute verification on that figure from the updated contract itself, leaked exclusively to Digital Music News.


But wait! It looks like artists are still getting zero royalties on ‘comp accounts,’ which includes accounts handed to execs within Apple, partners labels, high-level friends, and journalists…



Now before we jump into the discussion, I’d like to extend my warm gratitude to the Wall Street Journal, Re/Code, Hypebot, Billboard, and about ten other ‘publications’ in advance for stealing details from this article and not crediting us, and generally lacking anything substantive in the gonadal region.  Love, Paul. 

Image by DieselDemon, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.  Written while listening to in.deed on Soundcloud.

by Paul Resnikoff