Jerome Darling – In Their Absence
Customer Service – It can be a nightmare in some jobs. But when I do it for musicians, some mail exchanges turn into a glimpse of another person’s life. Every week I listen to hundreds of songs on a regular basis, but some songs simply stick out. Today I’d like to share a mail exchange between me and Jerome Darling, an amazing songwriter and fantastic singer that killed me with his music.
Dear Jerome,
I’m Simon Michel from I love your music, the track “In their Absence” destroyed me. I listened to it today and it probably just kills so bad, because my Mum is in the hospital at the moment, but it’s still one of the best things I’ve heard in a while. Really amazing work. What inspired you to write it?
Thank you so much in advance,


Hey Simon, 
thank you so much for your note. I’m so thrilled the song touched you and even more sorry that your  mother isn’t well. I play concerts in prisons and shelters all over the country and THAT song has become sort of the “theme song” if you will for the folks I often play for. I’m so happy it’s getting some more exposure and I’d loved to have it featured through your channels. Here’s the story behind it:

I’ve been married for nearly 13 years to the only girlfriend I ever had and we have the privilege of raising two little boys now together (maybe more someday!). It hit me a few years ago how incredibly fortunate I was to have grown up in a functional, loving, kind, peaceful home, with an amazing mother and father and how rare that actually is. So many of my friends grew up in terrible conditions of abuse, neglect, and abandonment and it was only when they turned to God did they find relief and a chance to begin again. So I wanted to write a song that took that message to the forgotten members of society – and “In Their Absence” was born. I don’t remember writing it, I just remember it being finished.

Hope that’s what you needed!