We the independent artists in order to make a more perfect music business do ordain and establish this standard of payment to ensure that the people who create music are justly rewarded for their efforts.



45% shall be paid to the people who fund such recordings.
(not the 85% the major label streaming services are currently paying the major labels)


25% shall be paid to the performing artist.
(most major label deals only pay 10%-15% of 50%-70% on major label streaming sites)


20% shall be paid to the songwriters and publishers.
(up to double what the major label streaming sites are paying)


10% shall be paid to the people who endeavored to create the recording.
            6% to the musicians and singers (higher than any other deal in the world)
            3% to the producers and arrangers (the first streaming service paying directly)
            1% to the recording engineers (the only streaming service to pay them at all)



All payments and reports shall be made quarterly until such time as the revenue and technology make it possible to do so sooner. If a payment is less than $100 it shall be held until such time as the royalty payment reaches that level.


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