How do we get our music heard when there are 60 million songs from 6 million artists on the other streaming sites and the major labels have rigged the game to make it next to impossible for independent artists?

1. Create a music discovery platform that is designed to showcase new music and artists.

2. Make it available to independent artists and labels only because no one needs to discover a major label artist. They will be crammed down all our throats on every other streaming site and commercial radio station.

We will start with revenue from streaming and downloads:

Basic: $9.95 a month for unlimited streaming

By standing up the tyranny of the major labels and refusing to pay their huge advances we will put more money to the pockets of independent artists, labels and composers.

There are two other revenue streams we will be testing that no other sites have:

Referral Revenue: 10% of the profits on the monthly subscription fees from anyone who signs up to Weget Music using your referral code.

Discovery Revenue: 10% of the profits on your playlist listens and any downloads or licenses that occur because a song or artist was discovered on one of your playlists.

Why will Weget Music start by launching and testing four revenue streams first?

Because as author Simon Raven put it “Art for art’s sake, money for God’s sake”

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