Currently we are facing three major challenges.

A DISCOVERY PROBLEM: How do we get our music heard when there are 60 million songs from 6 million artists on the other streaming sites that favor the already famous? When all of the other sites have limited search abilities with front pages and playlists that are controlled by the major labels and big money. Independent music deserves an equal chance to Get Heard!

A FAIR PAYMENT PROBLEM: How can we expect fair treatment when the major labels signed direct deals with the streaming platforms giving them everything from stock in the platform to extra advertising revenue? The major labels and streaming platforms made agreements and signed deals that favored them but gave songwriters, music publishers, studio musicians and vocalists a fraction of the revenue. While producers and engineers were left completely out of the equation. Everyone who helps create the music deserves to Get Paid!

A TRUTH & TRANSPARENCE PROBLEM: Major labels have direct deals with the streaming services but do not allow the same deals for independent artists and labels. In order to have our music on their platforms we are required to go through a digital distributer. These aggregators charge a fee, a percentage or both. They also do not provide the same royalties, data or reporting. We don’t even know how different we are treated. We deserve to be treated equally, have honest transparent tracking of streams, and revenue. In order to know that we have what we Get Proof!

In order to get what we deserve we need our own music platform. Built for the people who make the music and for the people who love it.

1. Create a music platform focused on discovering and delivering music from independent artists and labels only. A site where everyone is treated equally.

2. Increase the payments to all the music creators and eliminate unnecessary middlemen while rewarding the people who share and promote the site and its music. So that everyone is paid fairly.

3. Tracking and reporting that is transparent and as close to instant as we can make it. In that way every artist, label, songwriter, publisher, producer, engineer and musician knows which songs of theirs are finding an audience and which are not. This way we will have reports that reflect what is going on honestly.