Pro Membership FAQs

Is the Pro Account something I need?

You would benefit from a Pro Membership if you are an active songwriter or composer if not this account is not for you.

If I’m NOT a Pro Member will you pitch my music less?

No we always pitch the best song for the project the pro account helps people who want to custom write for a project or want to see what’s being licensed to write music in the style that is hot at the moment.

What is priority song approval?

With the Pro Account you get priority song approval (songs moved to the front of the approval list).

Does that mean my songs won’t be pitched for film projects?

All songs are available for film & TV pitches as soon as they are uploaded but some of our other programs take a bit of time to be approved for.

What is the tip sheet?

It’s a sheet of projects that need music and have enough time for someone to custom write to the pitch.

Can anyone submit for a project on the tip sheet?

No it’s for pro members only but if you have something already in the system it will be pitched as usual. This is for those who want to custom write and it takes us man hours to go through all the new material.

If I can’t submit then why send me the tip sheet?

Because many times people have an old song they forgot to upload or the pitch is in a style that they are great at and the want to take a shot. We have had plenty of placements from both of those types of situations.

How do I sign up to be a Pro Member?

Click on ACCOUNT and upgrade, first month free, 9.99 a month after that, you can downgrade anytime.

We have a lot more benefits coming soon.


Pro Member Benefits Breakdown:

1) Tip Sheet: Tips for actual pitches for film & TV opportunities:

Example: Network TV Series – Budget: $3-4K Diner scene needs to replace Angus & Julia Stone “Big Jet Plane.” Guys driving and listening to car radio needs to replace Spoon “Do You.”

2) Priority Song Approval: We get hundreds of songs uploaded every week; each one listened to by our staff. Pro Member tracks are approved first.

3) Licensing Lounge: Includes detailed reports — Listen to the songs being pitched at this moment. Hear most active songs and new tracks being approved.

4) Licensing Overview: Charts show searches and license by genre, projects by type and month, and daily activity.

5) Your Licensing Activity: Your most active artists and songs, yearly overview, detailed breakdown of each song/track activity (date, listen, for what kind of project).

6) Retail Store Activity: overview and breakdown of every play, of every song in every location. We also include total earnings. We are working on real time tracking and revenue reporting but that is taking a bit more time to create.