What is Radio in Retail?
Licensing of your music for in-store radio play.

How much does it pay?
From a penny per spin to fraction of a penny per spin (Think of it like a better paying Spotify or Pandora)

How often does it pay out?
Currently, twice, although we plan to take the program to quarterly at which time we will launch the Music Supervisor debit card program and be able to pay more frequently and in smaller increments.

What about my PRO? (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC etc…) Don’t they collect my money for me?
Currently, the PROs are not equipped to track music broadcast royalties in retail locations so they distribute the money to their members being broadcast on TV and Radio. Great for major label artists and music publishers but not so great for independent labels, artists and publishers.

ASCAP doesn’t pay their members for music broadcast in retail locations?
This is from your ASCAP contract: Fees collected from non-broadcast, non-surveyed licensees (bars, hotels, restaurants and the like) are applied to broadcast feature performances on radio and all performances on television, which serve as a proxy for distribution purposes. In fairness to them none of the PROs track their retail broadcasts so we collect directly and pay you directly.

How much do I have to earn before I can be paid out?
Currently, it is $100 but as we roll out the card the threshold we be less.

What kind of payouts can I expect?
The frequency of play depends on the need of a song like your’s in the playlists. This can range from a few dollars to a few hundred, per song, per pay period.

What kind of music is needed?
All genres are accepted except Explicit material obviously, since this music is played in public family friendly environments for the most part. The song has to be at least 2 minutes in length. Those songs with a pop or radio sensibility including all genres have the best chance for plays.

Can I still belong to a PRO?
Yes, in fact we require that you eventually affiliate with a PRO otherwise you will miss out on all your film, tv and media performance royalties that.

What PRO do you recommend?
Currently, BMI, ASCAP, SESAC,  members are accepted in our Radio Program, we are making some progress with SOCAN & PRS so hopefully soon those members can be added.

What is a direct license?
A direct license is an option where PROs in the US are not allowed to be monopolies so they cannot restrict their members from directly licensing their music and directly collecting their revenue. In this case we notify the PRO’s of our intent to directly collect on your behalf all monies for a certain location and a certain song. Currently we have over 40,000 songs earning money in 3,500 locations.

How do PRO’s collect for retail airplay or broadcasts?
Currently the PROs have no way of tracking or reporting music use in retail locations. Many of they pay the money earned in retail to songs and artists getting airplay on radio or broadcast on TV. ASCAP calls this Non-Reporting revenue

Will I get reporting?
Yes. With every payout there will be a report of your songs and what each one earned. Pro

Can I see where my song is currently being played?
Yes, with our Pro Account we have detailed reporting for Radio In Retail that tells you shows you each play, the country and type of retail establishment along with the earnings per spin. This will be available as a notification with the new Pro App coming soon.

How do I make sure my songs are included?
Unless you opted out they already are. There is nothing more you have to do with any songs or paperwork. We know how busy you are so we really do “GET” Artists.

Who picks the music?
Music Supervisors/Sonic Branding Teams hand curate each song selected for a given playlist which can vary on needs.

How long will my songs be played once chosen for a channel?
It’s hard to say but until they are removed by a Music Supervisor or curator they will continue to be played and earn money.

What Countries is the Radio In Retail Program currently active?
Currently, the United States, European countries, Australia and surrounding islands, Canada with more being added.