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Actively listen to the music in films and TV shows. Watch the show first for the fun of it. Then listen a second time. Note the music choices for the show overall: what is the “sound” they are going for? Is it indie rock, is hit hip hop, is it jazz? However also notice that even if the show has a bluesy-gritty rock sound, how a one-off scene in a classy restaurant may have modern jazz. Notice any montage sequences, and what the music lyrics say that help tell the story. Notice how the music plays against dialogue in a scene. When are instrumental tracks used, and when are vocal tracks used? When is pure score used (probably from the show’s composer). When does score creep into dramatic climactic moments? Notice when songs are visual vocals, i.e., coming out of a radio, or being sung by the characters onstage, or danced to. All this sharpens your eye and ear when thinking about how your songs could fit into films and TV shows.