Equal chance to have our music heard

Equal pay for equal plays

Equal access to marketing and promotion

Equal compensation for equal contribution

Therefore we the Artists submit to the world our Independent Streaming Bill of Rights.


No streaming site shall omit or exclude any artist, composition or recording from their search engine.


No streaming site shall pay more to one company than any other for the same music use


No streaming site shall require a third party membership that diminishes revenue or positioning in any way as a requirement of representation on their platform.


No streaming site shall own in part or in whole a record label, publishing company, management firm or any other entity that by its very nature would constitute a conflict of interest.


No streaming of recorded music shall occur in a public place without proper compensation to the performing artists, composers and rights holders of the recordings.


We the people believe that these rights are in keeping with spirit of freedom, justice and equality that will insure our prosperity both now and in the future.