Branding is so important in this day and age that without compelling photos & bios, your music will never get heard. We had a nice mix of Artists and Music Business professionals all there to learn about what it takes to create a solid brand and compelling visuals/bio that will help you stand out from the crowd and get your music heard.536817_232533313561969_1008733986_nThe Weget Networking “Springboard” branding panel
Photographer: Ran DeBord from Ran DeBord Photography
Branding & Marketing Specialist: Kelly Cryer from Hybrid Media
Media Training Expert: Doug Williams
Moderator: Barry Coffing a Music Business Entrepreneur & Licensing Expert

1176350_232533333561967_1550053099_nThe panel offered all kinds of advise and examples of how to create your brand and how to make it pop. In case you missed it here is the main question & answer.

“In a world where the industry is flooded with emails, how do you make sure your branding is amazing, interesting and apparent in 15 seconds?”

1) An image that is so compelling that you have to hear what the music sounds like.
2) An interesting verbal description that makes you want to hear that band.
Example: Her voice is like a buzz saw wrapped in honey and lit on fire.


Springboard “Branding” Checklist:
1) Professional Artist photos & Album Artwork
2) Professional Live photos of the artist on stage (not taken on an iPhone by your mother)
3) Professionally written tag-line or elevator bio
4) Professionally written bio
5) Professional Logo (not a cool font your girlfriend found)
6) A uniform look on all your web and social media sites

These are the tools you need to use and perfect in order to succeed and create a brand that will get you to the next level. These events are FREE thanks to the generous donation of time and money by Weget Networking members so join the group and remember learning is fun. See Carrie & Mary having fun & working