What are the events, dates & costs?

The Conference “The Band BootCamp” June 18th & 19th $195 (lunch is included both days)

The Trade Show “The Band Mall” June 19th-21st Free to everyone and open to the public

Industry Showcases & Mentoring Sessions¬†“Springboard South” June 19th-21st $50 a day or $75 for a three day pass

The Music Festival “Springboard South” We are trying to make these stages free to the public but it will depend on sponsorship

*Events are free for all performers (unlike some other Texas festivals)

What kind of music are you looking for?
Pop Pop/Rock, Indie/Alternative Rock, Hard Rock/Metal, Country/Americana, Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B/Soul, Dance/EDM/DJ, Singer/Songwriter, Jazz/Blues/Progressive, Latin, Gospel/Christian & World Music.

How do you pick the performing artists?
Our festival was created by and for music professionals so we judge artists on what the industry is looking at and for. Our judges rate everything from songwriting to social media, production to promotion. It is equal parts music and business so you need to display both. We have different levels and so we do have a number of slots for young artists and emerging bands that are just starting out.


Can the band have a current record deal?
No all performing artists must be unsigned. Yes you can have records out on your own label and you can have management, distribution and publishing deals but you can’t have all your recording rights owned or controlled by a label. Yes you can have sidemen that are signed to recording agreements but not the main writers and performers.

How many times will we be asked to perform?
We have different levels but you should be prepared to perform all 4 events and have CD & flash drives with all of your recordings for mentoring and pitch sessions. (How many times depends on the level you are at).

1) Industry Showcases (1-3 songs all original compositions that you control 100% of the publishing) Teen and Young Performers can do covers during mentoring sessions.

2) “The Naked Stage” powered by Bose (1 song, 1 Instrument and 1 microphone) The only naked things are your song, your voice and your talent.

3) Video Interviews (you will be limited two 2-3 band members so try and pick the prettiest ones who can talk).

4) Festival Stages (a short warm-up set of 10-30 min) This is public so clean language versions ONLY and family friendly attire.

5) Moment of Truth Stage (Usually we will play one min of one of your recordings) These can be sessions for film and TV placement or for management, radio programmers. Last year 8 Springboard South artists were placed in films so bring the recording and don’t miss the sessions.

Who owns the recordings, and videos?
We both do. You leave us a 128gig flash drive with a self addressed envelope and we will mail you a copy of the raw video and audio to do with as you see fit. We will do the same but please have someone good do the editing and mixing. We will also have great deals from editors and studios if you don’t have anyone.

How many days do we need to be there?
At lease two of your band members needs to be there on June 18 and the entire band must be available June 19th-21st. THIS IS A DEAL BREAKER!!!!! You must be available during the entire time.


You are charging $25 to submit so isn’t that just a pay to play ripoff?
No it’s not. All of our speakers and judges and almost all of our volunteers are donating their time to give back to help the independent artists we are mentoring and showcasing. There are three reasons for the fee. 1) It cuts down on the artists that are NOT serious. 2)¬†It helps off set some of the tremendous costs of putting on all of these events. 3) If an artist isn’t selected to play that money can be applied to either passes to the Conference or Tickets to the Showcases & Mentoring sessions.