We Get You Opportunities To Get To The Next Level

A Music Festival * Music Conference * Industry Showcases * Press & Video Interviews * Personal Mentoring * Live Pitch Sessions * Multitrack Recordings * Multi Camera Videos * Radio Airplay


Festival Goal:

To Find & showcase the best independent talent.

Conference Goal:

To learn from current experts in the music business.

Networking Goal:

To bring together all the people & services independent artists need.

Ultimate Goal:

To help every artist & attendee get to the next level.

How It Works


To add your face to our 2016 poster you must sign up and the difference begins. While the registration is fast and easy it is extensive. The questions we ask are the ones that industry professionals will be judging you on. Don’t let all the business questions scare you because artists will be selected based on their music more than anything else.


Each artist will take the Showcase Stage and perform for 10-15 minutes. Thats right the industry makes up it’s mind by the second song. Each performance will have a 24 track recording and multi camera shoot done to show everyone what you can do. The room holds 1,200 and the stage is big so be ready to fill it.


We will have additional stages where the most advanced Springboard Artists will perform. We are working on securing Mentor Bands (Headliners) to bring a crowd so all you will need to do is to show them how great you are. Meet your new fans and make them yours.


Discovery Green


No you will get to keep your clothes on but your singing and your song will be stripped down to almost nothing. One Song, One Instrument & One Microphone (Those are the rules) Bose will handle the PA so it will sound great the question is will you and your song? Why do we do this? Because when you do a radio tour that is exactly how you will be asked to perform.


Thats right you must answers questions about you and your music under the hot lights with 3 cameras in your face. All of it is real and will be edited and put out into the world. You will need to show that you can keep your answers and your brand consistent. Don’t worry we will have both branding and media training panels at the conference.


Two intense days of panels and networking we call the Band Bootcamp and our motto is “Handle The Truth”. We will have experts on almost every subject from social media to touring telling you exactly how it really works. Yes there will be a test to see how much you’ve learned and how talented you are. During the Industry showcases we will have our own “Moment of Truth Stage” where you will play your recorded music for everyone from Music Supervisors to Radio Programmers and the pitch is real. Last year 8 artists got movie placements from our sessions.


One-on-one mentoring and small groups. Meet world class managers, agents and performance coaches. Play your songs for hit songwriters, publishers, and producers. Get a business card from powerful entertainment lawyers and business managers. Build yourself, your contacts and your team.


We Get You Seen And Heard

Our festival and showcases are modeled after the NFL combine
Each artist performs various tasks to show their talent & professionalism
A Festival set, Industry showcase, Unplugged song & Video Interview
Springboard South

We Get You What You Need

Just like the NFL combine we record the performances
We give artists all the raw audio and video to use anyway they want
If someone didn’t make their show they can bring the show to them
Springboard South

We Get You Informed And Connected

Our conference includes networking and direct contact After each panel the panelists are available for a small group Q&A Attendees can meet them, ask them questions and get their card
The Band Bootcamp

We Get You Opportunities

Performing artists engage in industry pitch sessions and mentoring.
They get industry experts advice on their music, website, branding & more
To play tracks directly to music supervisors, producers, & agents
The Band Bootcamp

We Get You The People You Need

Art is a team sport and we help you build a winning team:
Better Yourself: vocal teachers & performance coaches
Build Your Business: lawyers, management, publishers, labels & distribution
Create A Hit: recording studios, hit songwriters, producers & engineers
Sell What You’ve Got : social media, radio promotion, PR, merch & press
One-On-One Mentoring

We Get You Results

The idea of the was to create a place for artists to shop for success
We staged 500+ showcases, filmed 350+ hours of video & 280+ interviews
Artists found managers, agents, publishers, engineers & producers.
Received sponsorship, equipment, studio time, distribution & label deals
Songs placed in movies, tv appearances, interviews & radio airplay.
The Big Difference