We get music to and from the people who need it

Our Beliefs

We Believe In Collaboration

You make it then upload it and we will get it heard, licensed, played & paid

We Believe In Freedom

We are non-exclusive and you are free to leave anytime with a 30 day notice

We Believe In Control

Artists should own their art so you keep 100% ownership of your music

We Believe Music Sells Itself

Our job is to get it heard by the right person at the right time

We Believe In Innovation And Education

You can’t be good at one without the other

We Believe Knowledge Is Power

Knowing who wants your music and what they want it for is very powerful

How We Work


That means giving us your name and address so we know where to send your money. We require a link to where we can hear your music so we have quality control. Once you are approved we will send you a link so you can sign our contract online. (No Printing, No Scanning, Not Even a Pen) You sign using your mouse, a stylist or even your finger.


You have total control over what music is uploaded and how it is tagged. Upload new tracks directly from your desktop. Our auto fill feature lets you copy all the data from one song to another with a click then make a few adjustments and you are done. We listen to every track and make whatever adjustments we think will make it easier to get your music making money.


Your music will be part of an online software that thousands of companies use to license music. From music supervisors, directors, and filmmakers to sonic branding teams and video game creators.


Complete Profiles include Artist Photo, Album Art, Bio And Social Media Links so the people who want your music can learn more about who you are with one click. We have an artist pitch section so you can give us info about each track that supervisors can use to help pitch your music to the director. (Produced by famous guy, written with famous girl featuring guest artists or musician etc…)


Right now we have 5 different licensing areas we are focused on. Professional Licensing (Film, TV, Advertising & Games) Retail Licensing (Restaurants, etc.) Web/Video Licensing (Corporate training/product videos, Student Films & Personal Videos) Download Licensing (Weget Music an independent music discovery site) Other Licensing (Mobile phones in India & China)