Non-Profit Created To Teach Artists How To Earn A Profit

Sustainable Artists

Our Goals

Protect Music Creation As A Profession

By teaching, uniting and mentoring the artists of tomorrow

To Be Self Reliant & Funded

We can’t depend on government grants or wealthy donors

To Create Events That Educate Artists

Not about music but about the business of music.

Enlist Successful Artists & Industry Professionals

To share their knowledge, experience and insights about how to make money

What We Plan To Do


We have created a group in Houston, Texas and it boasts over 450 members and is growing. Our plan is to create these groups in all of the major cities so that we can bring the mentors and industry experts to the places where industry knowledge and up to date information is hard to find.


We have already held over 30 panels in Houston on everything from social media to music business accounting. The results have been dramatic and visible.


We are all asked to donate our time, talent and money to many worthy causes so putting on a show is what we do best. By using donations of time and event space we put on events that generated revenue in order to keep our panels cheap or free. The biggest fundraiser in the future will be Springboard South, The Band Bootcamps and The Band Mall. We also do an annual holiday party where we auction off our talents and services with the revenue going directly into paying the costs of our educational panels and industry networking events.


In the future we want to have equipment to loan, rent and give to musicians who need it. Loan for hardship cases where instruments have been stolen or are being repaired. Rented for recording sessions and given to students and musicians in need.