How do I get my music on WeGet Music?
Your music, photos and bios are automatically imported from the Musicsupervisor.com database. So you don’t have to to do a thing.

What kind of licensing does WeGet Music do?
WeGet Music allows anyone making online videos for Personal Use, Student Films/Festivals and Corporate Training/Promotion to license your music instantly. (For Web Use Only)

How much will music be licensed for?
That depends on the use and the type of music (SFX, Bumpers/Cues, Songs)
Personal/Home Use: $.99 $4.99 & $9.99
Student Films/Film Festival Use: $5 $25 & $50
Corporate Training/Promotional Use: $10 $125 & $250

How big is that market?
There are 100 hours of new video being uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day so just to watch one days worth of uploads would take 16 years. We think over time this will generate millions of dollars for composers and songwriters.

Won’t YouTube pay me for people using my music?
They have a program that gives music creators a small part of the advertising attached to a video but it doesn’t even start until the video has been viewed thousands of times. We license the music before it is viewed once and even on a personal video most composers and artists will earn more money for licensing one song than selling an entire album in a store.