What is Weget Radio all about?
Celebrating independent music and the artists who make it. Not only will you discover new artists but the DJ’s will tell you something about the artists and music you are listening to. Why? Because they can. These ladies and gentlemen are music lovers and music experts and they have helped us build a great place to hear new music. At Weget Artists our goal is to put music people back in charge of the music business and that includes at radio too.

What kind of music do you play on Weget Radio?
It is a wild mix of indie rock at it’s core but you will hear everything from Jazz, Neo Soul and Hip-Hop to EDM, Country and Hard Rock. The only two things all the artists have in common is that are they are independent and great.

Who decides what gets played?
Real radio programmers and DJ’s just like in the old days. Cruze and Pat Fant from RFC media have created an amazing collection of artists and songs that are only on there because of their music. No labels paying bribes or promoters with naked pictures of Cruze and Pat from the 80’s. (I’m sure some exist but they now longer care since it is an improvement over their current state) They are free to play the music they want and build an audience of real music fans.