indigo-saprano-sax-logo-small2Event: The J~Spot Filming
Date: September 12th 2014
Location: Indigo @ Midtown, 2117 Chenevert Street North, Houston TX 77003
Performers: Bobby Lyle, Vandell Andrew and Joe Carmouche
Written by: Chandler Coffing © 2014 Weget
Walking up the stairs and into the Indigo Lounge, I entered into a dimly lit loft room and immediately knew that something special was about to happen. It was crowded and everybody was there to have a good time, no doubt about it. They were there to see and be seen. The men were wearing their best suits and hats to match, while the women in their tight flashy dresses made my old cardigan and me feel a little sloppy. The crowd was laughing and smiling, this was a night on the town kind of event, and the audience made sure to represent that accordingly.
This is the first taping of the TV series “The J~Spot” which, I do apologize, as a woman even typing that made me want to vomit in my mouth. Moving on…The show’s first three episodes seemed promising and featured several very talented musicians: pianist/organist Bobby Lyle, smooth jazz saxophonist Vandell Andrew, and guitar guru Joe Carmouche.
The host of this new series,10590625_10202583925706609_347838269324096950_n Bobby Lyle, has quite the reputation. He received an Emmy nomination for his work with Bette Midler. Touring as the pianist/musical director for artists such as Al Jarreau and Anita Baker his work history speaks to his level of expertise. His chops as well as his charming personality make him an excellent choice for the host of Guy Michaels’ burgeoning television series.This was not a crowd of passive listeners. The audience was energetic and with each screaming solo responded in turn with a chorus of their own whoops and hollers of enthusiasm. After hosting the sets for the other two performers it was time for Bobby to tape his segment.Lyle alongside guitarist Brennen Nase and drummer Patrick Williams took the stage to a tumultuous round of applause. Performing songs from his new album The Way I Feel, Lyle tore the house down with the nonchalance and confidence of somebody who’s done this gig before. Seconds after the trio broke into their version of “The Cat” A cover song by the late Jimmy Smith. Women jumped up to dance, bobbing heads hip shaking; no one could stay in their seats any longer. Bobby Lyle shredded that B3 so hard I’m surprised there was a single key or pedal left on it when he strode off the stage.
Joe SampleOn a sad note, the world lost musical legend Joe Sample that very night. He was a strong supporter of jazz and the people who make it. Joe taught at TSU, and gave a benefit concert for his high school every year. His presence will be sorely missed and Bobby is one of the few local musicians who could hope to come close to filling the void. In addition to his teaching, he was one of the mentors at the Springboard South music festival.With his involvement in this new television series, Lyle seems to be expanding his role within the local jazz community. This could be the start of something good for Bobby and great for the Houston jazz community.