With so many bands trying to make the big time each year, breaking out is only half the battle. Once they’ve secured a spot on music fans’ collective radar, they then must maintain that position with each passing month. And it’s not easy.
Los Angeles-based folk rockers Dawes know all about this.
“It’s still a very precarious profession,” drummer Griffin Goldsmith says in an upcoming episode of ‘Guitar Center Sessions Presented by JBL.’ “And you know, until you’ve made enough money to sit on it forever … you’ll never necessarily do this for 10 years.”
You can watch an exclusive video clip from the episode, which will air on DIRECTV on July 27 at 8PM EST, above.
Dawes have released three albums since their 2009 debut, ‘North Hills,’ including last year’s ‘Stories Don’t End.’ They’ve been on the road ever since, headlining shows as well as sharing the stage with Conor Oberst, who recently collaborated with the band.
Still, Dawes’ frontman, Taylor Goldsmith, realizes that their current success could hit some major obstacles in the future. But he’s optimistic. “I feel like we all love this too much,” he says. “If we have to go back to couch surfing in order to play music — I don’t know.”

Originally Published on Diffuser.FM